Echoes 3 dot Merit
Effect: By ceremonially binding himself to a group of other supernaturals, your character has gained the benefits of every other supernatural group binding ritual, in addition to his own. The effects of this merit are far-reaching, and allow for more than a few benefits, and as a result, should only be introduced at the purview of the Storyteller.
Benefit: Your character, and the other characters with this merit, count as members of a krewe, motley, throng, coterie, cabal and pack for determing benefits therein. Each character with this merit gains the benefits of the other supernatural groups. A mage with this merit will gain the bonuses associated with the Motley Pledge, as well as count as a throng member for the Promethean’s Torment, Wasteland and Disquiet mechanics. The Echoes gain a pack totem that benefits all members, as well as the ability to buy into krewe tier benefits as if they had founded a krewe. Note that requirements that call for a power stat will simply be replaced by the characters’ own power stat.

Eden 1 to 5 Dot Merit
Effect: Eden allows for the Echoes to pool their merits together to give them their own personal spaces, functioning as the Haven, Sanctum, Lair, Haunt, Totem and Hollow merits meshed together. There are five subcategories for the Eden merit: Size, Amenities, Residue and Accessibility and Security.

Eden Size: This determines the size of each of the separate locations, as follows:
1 A small apartment or underground chamber; 1-2 rooms
2 A large apartment or small family home; 3-4 rooms
3 A warehouse, church or large home; 5-8 rooms, or large enclosure
4 A abandoned mansion or network of subway tunnels; equivalent of 9-15 rooms or chambers
5 A sprawling estate or vast network of tunnels; countless rooms or chambers

Eden Amenities: This determines the comforts of each of the locations, as well as if they have any magical touches to them:
1 A few homey touches, but otherwise quite plain
2 A comfortable area with a few notable features and decent fare
3 An elaborate area with quite a few clever details and an excellent supply of refreshments and diversions
4 An impressive area containing abundant mundane delights and even one or two noteworthy minor magical services as well
5 A lavish dwelling with nearly every comfort of modern living as well as quite a few magical conveniences

Eden Residue: Each dot in Residue denotes how strong an area’s connection to its respectively Supernal Realm is. Each area will produce a its own magical ‘energy’, ranging from plasm to blood, at a time most appropriate to the energy. Plasm will appear at midnight, while Pyros will fill its reservoir at dawn. For every dot in this category, one point of ‘energy’ will appear each day.

Eden Accessibility: Each dot in Accessibility will allow each area to have a door that will open to one of the others, allowing Echoes to quickly get around Eden if they need to visit their fellow Echoes.

Eden Security: Security, unlike the other four categories, will not protect each area of Eden individually, but rather the island as a whole. Each dot gives a +1 bonus on Initiative rolls and to Defense against anyone attempting to assault the island, as well as allow for better monitoring and security measures. Also, it penalizes any attempts to access the island by a number equal to dots in this category, to anyone not specifically allowed on Eden by the Echoes.


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