• Adam Mason

    Adam Mason

    5'9", light brown hair, a full beard, fit and a pretty, pretty princess.
  • Goodie Calvin

    Goodie Calvin

    5'6", dirty blond braided to her calves with a green ribbon, almost unhealthily skinny, tanned skin, green eyes
  • Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylor

    19 year old, 5'9, slim build, blonde hair, grayish blue eyes,
  • Jeremiah Heimdall

    Jeremiah Heimdall

    6'4", medium athletic build, mid-20's, white blond military cut hair, blue eyes
  • Ki Hakan

    Ki Hakan

    6'9, bald, large beard with dark brown color, scary beyond all reason, muscular, athletic build, not a bodybuilder
  • Vienna von Wylich

    Vienna von Wylich

    5'11, looks young twenties, dark brown hair, one eye is green, the other grey, athletic, sporty build, pale skin,