Age of Treason

Act 1, Chapter 1

The story opens like most do, with the actions of one man. A werewolf of legendary repute, lacking in giving his name, has summoned a representative body from every faction of the supernaturals inhabiting our world. Choosing Memphis, Tennessee as the locale for his meeting, this Uratha seeks to put everyone on neutral ground, intending for an open forum of discussion.

Each faction sends five of their number, or at least intends to. Maybe due to fate, a younger member of each manages to find themselves either searching for the meeting by random happenstance, or dragged along by an older, wiser member of their respective society. Only when the groups get to Memphis do they find out the true location. On August 7th, 2010, they converge on an abandoned warehouse in the seedier parts of town. Each group thinks themselves the first to arrive, only to discover that when they enter the building, they’ve arrived at the same time as everyone else. With this, they are led to the center of the completely empty building, where stadium seating has been placed. Sitting, they are greeted by the werewolf, who merely motions to one of the Mages present.

The room faded away into nothingness, leaving only an image of the world at large looming before those gathered. As they watched, the world began to glow along ancient leylines, until the light began to focus on certain points of the globe. Then the light exploded, forming hundreds of mushroom clouds visible from space. The globe dissipated, revealing instead images of death and chaos. London fell beneath the waves, Paris shattered under the force of a titanic earthquake. Rio de Janeiro exploded with the fury of a nascent volcano, and the world as we know it ceased to exist. It was at that point the images disappeared, and the man in the center of them explained how this would come to be.

As his explanation drew to a close, the warehouse came under fire from two groups of hunters, humans intent on wiping out any and all supernatural taint from their world. It is here the group finds themselves, fighting for their lives.


celtictriune celtictriune

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