Age of Treason

Act 1, Chapter 3

Upon reaching the base, the team found a simple fence that did appear to be a lot more sturdy than an ordinary chain link fence. Driving up to the fence, the party began to try and see a way through the fence. The werewolf quickly located the influence of a locus and set off to recon, finding that within the fenced off area, there was only a single building with two elevators going down. He returned with this information, but quickly noted that off in the distance on the other side of small embankment, headlights could be seen getting closer. The party immediately returned to the car and the mage quickly cast a spell to render the car invisible to all of the senses of a normal person. A large SUV appeared over the hill and after a second of recon, a man stepped out and activated a strange looking staff, which dispelled the invisibility. In the course of combat, the Promethean and the werewolf both took to their natural inclinations and began to slaughter the VALKYRIE’s assembled. The hunters retaliated with strange guns that shot out nets connected to small harpoons. The mage was hit and rendered unconscious by the electrical impulses that coursed through the net. Those impulses seemed to stop the second the mage fell unconscious. The main battle was supplanted by a smaller battle, caused by several of the hunters fleeing in terror at the sight of the werewolf in his full Gauru glory. The Sin-Eater followed them, dispatched one and managed to incapacitate the other, bringing him back just in time for the battle to be over.

Quickly pulling the several nets that were lodged into their own car, costing them their windshield, the party beat a hasty retreat to regroup and figure things out. In the interim, the changeling convinced the party to help her break into the pharmacy of a hospital after hours to gather medical supplies for any supernaturals that were found in the base. Armed with that, the group set out again and parked in the desert about twenty miles away from the fence of the base.

The party discussed their options and the Sin-Eater, realizing that he could open the portal to the pocket dimension the mage had created for storage purposes, suggested that everyone wait inside while he infiltrated the base, which would allow them to pop out where ever the Sin-Eater was. With the plan hashed out, the party readied themselves for the assault.


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