Age of Treason

Act 1, Chapter 2

The group stepped up to the invasion of hunters with admirable tenacity, striking a few down in short order. It became clear, however, that the hunters were prepared, and had brought the full force of their strength to bear, employing artifacts that would stop any of the mages from creating portals for a quick getaway. Still, the hunters were not prepared for the sheer power of the assembled supernaturals. A werewolf and one of the numbers of the Sin-Eaters stepped forward. The werewolf channeled lightning through the Sin-Eater’s gun, and when the Sin-Eater fired, twenty three hunters disappeared in an inferno of electrical fury. A Promethean stepped forward and shattered the very earth beneath the other group, and as they fell, fire rained from the sky to char their corpses. The amassed strength of the hunters held no candle to that of the supernaturals, and in the intervening lull of battle, Faolan Amherst asked again who would stand against the coming darkness.

Zaccariah Holm, the mage who had allowed the supernaturals to see Amherst’s images of the Apocalypse, created a portal that led into a self-contained room in space and time. There, followed by Joachim Magnus Teague Tempor and the Promethean known as Verney, Faolan invited the party to reveal their respective supernatural heritages. Once they had done so, Faolan thanked them for volunteering, and quickly got to the business at hand. Faolan explained that what he had said before was only the beginning, that there would be more. But the hunters had to be dealt with. Amherst explained that there were multiple groups of hunters, but that one of the groups that had attacked the conference of supernaturals was called Task Force VALKYRIE, and that they had a base in the New Mexican desert that served as their headquarters. Amherst asked the party to start there, reasoning that if VALKYRIE was aware of why the supernaturals were meeting, the group may be able to turn up interesting information at the base.

The party chose to go along with the plan and quickly took a portal out into the Memphis area to pick up Jeremiah Heimdall’s car and things. The party then took the highway down to New Orleans, where Vienna von Wylich lived with Ashur Iskendar in a manor on the outskirts of the city. Gathering up her belongings, the group set out for New Mexico, unsure as to what things would come their way.

They reached New Mexico after two days of careful driving to avoid notice and to take care of the vampire. The mage quickly realized that when the vampire didn’t need to breathe, that she could sleep in the pocket dimension that he had created, which didn’t have air. When they reached state, they found a motel room in a bad part of Albuquerque. The vampire, offended by the state of the motel, asked to be elsewhere. The Sin-Eater told her to sit in the car, but they weren’t leaving until they were ready. Finding the door locked, the vampire, in her genius mind, decided that the door was in the way, so she simply ripped it off. This led to the rest of the party coming out and quickly looking for a way to hide what had just happened. They managed to leave just in time to miss the cops, found another room and then settled down. During the day, the Sin-Eater bought a new car and supplies, and with night falling, the party set off to the coordinates of the base.


Not all of these sentences make sense. :(

Act 1, Chapter 2
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