This is the way the world ends.

Not with a whisper, but in fire, and hate.

This is not the first time our globe has looked like this. But it will be the first time it looked like this as a sign of coming doom. In times past, angels walked the Earth. They spoke to God, their Creator, and He allowed them leave to do as they saw right. They created everything, but us? Any of the supernatural beings that walked the Earth, we were not in their design. We were all originally meant as something more, and as something less. The Bible did get one thing right. Humanity would have had infinitely less trouble with things without free will. Each of our ‘races’ is proof that humans were once something more.

The Earth once looked like this image because the angels made it so. They, in their infinite wisdom, had created Man, not God. Man was meant to be a race of servants, doing as the angels commanded. Humans, as a result, lived in harmony with all things. Beasts saw them as equals. Humans didn’t die. Humans weren’t conflicted with themselves, not knowing the differences of men and women. And the angels, as a result of this servant race, had the humans build them a city so expansive that a man who started walking from one edge of it as a teenager would be an old man by the time he reached the other side. The angels looked onto their city, and raised it into the heavens, where it became the moon in the sky. They left most of humanity on Earth, to live as they saw fit, but around the globe, they created sites of power. Sites that would allow humans to live in ease, and to transport to the moon as the angels decreed. These sites of power were visible even from space, and humans worshipped the sites almost as much as they did the angels.

But the humans in the great city grew covetous, and jealous. They asked God why they must serve while the angels did nothing to earn such treasures, and whatever response God gave them caused them to decide to destroy Paradise. In a single night, the humans rose up and killed their masters. Some escaped, and as the paradise on the moon crumbled, breaking away to fall to the Earth, the angels responded by cursing humanity. Death entered the universe for the first time, and the animals feared us. Women and men became almost alien to each other’s understanding.

But even through all this terror, as the world they knew it ended, the supernatural spirit of the human race endured. Fractured, and torn from the curses of the angels, the touch of the supernatural began to exude itself in different ways. Some humans remembered how to make the World bend to their Will. Some were infused with the spirit of the moon. Some became undead beings, thirsty for blood and drawing power from it.

I’m sure you can see where I’m taking this line of thought. History is written by the victorious. Each of our races have created myths to explain our own rights to rule. And because of this, we have fought, and hated one another. We are powerful, strong and brave, and yet one truth stands above all.

We hide. All of us hide from the humans. And why? Because even though we are touched by the supernatural, and they are not, they can best us. They think in terms of technology, where we think in terms of magic. And they have grown in explosive, unheard of numbers, where our numbers are comparatively few. Humans can even manage some of the feats that we can, by what they have created. I’d guess that humans have managed to remember things taught to them by the angels, and are growing dangerously close to regaining knowledge that would best be left forgotten. I say that last part because everyone present should know that in history, those that tend to search for forgotten lore or forbidden power are the exact personalities that should never learn or wield such things. And those that stumble over these things are consumed by the power in ways that get many people killed.

I called you all here to explain these things, to forge an alliance that could possibly save our world from human curiosity. I think it would be stupid, and selfish to keep this information quiet. Even now, as we speak, there is a location in New Me…

- Words of Faolan Amherst to the gathered supernaturals on August 7th.

Age of Treason

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